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You are about to embark on a journey onto the proverbial road less travelled. In some instances there will be some road signs to guide your way and in others you will have to use intuition and gut reactions to forge through but it will all be worth it. Are you ready to take this journey? Which path in life will you choose?

Personal Roadmap

Arriving safely at your destination is a lot easier when you’ve got a map. You can see the starting point, some of the twists and turns, rest-stops along the way and your final destination. Without a good map or reliable GPS system, even those among us with an impeccable sense of direction run the risk of getting seriously off-course when the journey is as long and arduous as the journey of life can be.

In the following pages, you will have an opportunity to use the ideas, principles and philosophies we’ve covered in the book thus far to create your own personal roadmap. It is the navigational chart for your life’s adventure, a map that will help you plan your own odyssey – one that will be unique to you alone.

You will begin with a very big picture of who you are, where you are now, marking some of the things that you want to add into your personal quiver as you journey towards your purpose. Next comes the opportunity to reflect on who you really are, and who you really want to become. Then you’ll set your priorities to help you structure your time and goals so that you can structure your future.

And last but not least, you will have the opportunity to make a commitment to yourself (the most important person on this planet) – to create the change, and the magic, that you want in your life, and to find your purpose.

Remember, you alone are in charge of your destiny!

The Workbook is divided into sections hat continue to build on each other. The first section, Identity, is a snapshot in time of who we believe we are and where we would like to go. This section provides a baseline that you will be able to reference in time to see how you will have changed over time.

The next section, Modeling, aims to keep you from spending to much energy reinventing a wheel if you can use one that is already made. This is where you can use leverage to boost yourself to greater heights.

The Investment section takes a hard look at our commitment. Every person that has achieved something greater has invested time or resources. What are you willing to do? Will you talk a great game or play a great game?

The process of attracting riches and wealth into your life can seem overwhelming to many but it is a simple process that requires dedicated time and effort over time. ‘Failures’ that you may experience are just a normal part of the process helping you add more informed stepping stones into the path you are creating in life.




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