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Some wish, some do, some flounder

Why do only 5 percent of the population attain phenomenal success while many others lead lives of quiet desperation? Is it luck? Genes? Age? Environment? Nope.

Most people dream of success but, as they grow older, settle into believing that life got in the way, that their unfulfilled dreams and unachieved goals were simply not meant to be. I disagree. It is a matter of choice and of persistence, coupled with dogged determination in the face of obstacles. setbacks and failures. Success, when you've scaled the mountain and really earned it, is so much sweeter and wishing for success and committing yourself to it are very different things.

What difference will you make?

This book blends time-tested philosophy with a host of modern-day tools for the psyche published in several personal development and business books and exemplifies them through the story of one young man's life. The character could have just as easily been a young lady as these concepts are in no way gender specific. You will read about successful and inspirational men and women who've defied great odds and bounced back from repeated failures to change the world.

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There are 3 kinds of people

What kind of person are you, or will you become?
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Are you a wisher?

wish (n):
1. A desire, longing or strong inclination for a specific thing. 2. An expression of a desire, longing or strong inclination; a petition.
3. Something desired or longed for.

wish (v):
To have or feel a desire.

Are you wishy-washy?

wish-y-wash-y (adj.):
Lacking in strength of character or purpose; ineffective.

Are you a washer

wash (v.):
To cleanse. To flow over, against or past. To carry, erode, remove or destroy by the action of moving water. To rid of corruption or guilt; cleanse or purify. To cause to undergo a swirling action. To hold up under examination; be convincing. To flow sweep or beat wit ha characteristic lapping sound. To be carried away, removed or drawn by the action of water. to be revealed eventually. To turn out well in the end.

Get Your Copy Of Wisher, Washer, Wishy-Washy!

Calculate Your Success Potential

SP = Success Potential: Number of People Who Will Reap My Benefits.

IA = Innate Attributes: Advantages I was born with, such as health, speed, dexterity, and memory.

AA = Acquired Attributes.

T = Technology: My proficiency and application of such things as text messaging, standardized manufacturing procedures, international standards, email, high-speed internet, social networking, computers or new equipment, or software.

NT = Number Of Tries Before Success.

NF = Number Of Failures Experienced (Always Expressed As NT or NT-1)

MA = Mental Attitude (Factors range from -1 to +1, as illustrated in the chart below)

P = People: Those I know who can directly benefit from my product or service.

Mental Attitude Mental Attitude Factor
-1.0 Very Negative
-0.8 Leave Me Alone
-0.4 Depressed
-0.2 Seems Too Hard
0.0 Neutral
0.2 Inclined To Do Something
0.4 Maybe Others Can Help Me
0.6 I Can Do It!
0.8 Willing To Sacrifice Time And Money For My Goal
1.0 Very Positive

What people are saying

Ed Armstrong

Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel And Lockheed Martin Master Program Managers

If you ever had the pleasure to meet Rick Ruiz in person you are immediately struck by the intriguing "twinkle" in his eyes - like he knows something you don't. As it turns out he does and he shares it with us in his book, "Wisher, Washer, Wishy-Washy". He has turned his extraordinary life lessons into an easily understood but powerful concept of introspective self-evaluation and achievable action. His fictional approach to non-fictional self-help principles places you, the reader in the story and therefore, responsible for the ending - your success.

Kristi Frank

As Seen On Oprah, MSNBC, The Today Show & Season 1 of The Apprentice

"This amazing book will totally help and inspire you."

Harry Groves

Track & Field Coach To 11 American Record Holders, 21 National Champions, 14 Olympians and 227 All Americans

Without them, you do not even have a life. With these two attributes, you conquer the demons in your mind that prevent success in any walk of life. It's called a high reality level. Successful people in any endeavor, in all phases of life, require two prominent attributes: truth and honesty. Athletes, in particular, have a head start in coming to terms with themselves on a daily basis. When they apply truth and honesty to training, competing and life itself, they become true champions. They become Washers. This conclusion is based on more than 50 years of experience in coaching the sport of Track & Field at the local, national and international level. Wisher, Washer Wishy-Washy is a very high-class book".

James Malinchak

Co-Author Of The Best Selling Book Chicken Soup For The College Soul & Two-Time "College Speaker Of The Year"

"[This is a] great book. It will power and inspire people to be better and be more, do more and achieve more."

Taylor Mallory

Founder of Taylored Editorial


"As a former editor of PINK magazine, a national publication for businesswomen, I've interviewed hundreds of experts and read many books, articles and studies on personal development, leadership, diversity and other tactics for success in business and in life. These are topics that I am passionate about, that I believe make or break the person, or the company, so it has been an honor to edit Wisher, Washer, Wishy-Washy, Enrique Ruiz's simple but engaging story of one man's life. In it, he takes the concepts that the world's most successful CEOs innovators, athletes, and scientists live by, the principles and ideas that have inspired the best business and personal development books and presents them in a way that is accessible, engaging and relatable.

Who among us hasn't stumbled, looked for an easier path only to discover that fast tracks are often illusions or dead ends, or experienced a failure that could easily become a great excuse for giving up? But,
as Ruiz's story beautifully illustrates, it's what we do after we fail, when we make the decision to learn and grow more with each hurdle, that we discover the secrets to our own personal definition of success"


Brian Tracy

Wold-Renowned Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author of No Excuses: The Personal Self-Discipline

"This motivating, entertaining book gives you steps to take and a track to run on to achieve tremendous success in every area of your life."

About the author


Enrique (Rick) Ruiz

I am the Deputy Program Manager on a billion-dollar program for a fortune 100 company, managing a nationwide operation with a workforce that is 15,000 strong. I am also the founder and president of Positive Psyche. This is my plateau of success at the moment. How did a once homeless person who lived in the back of his truck in a homemade camper make it here?

I floundered in school at an early age. Over time, I learned to appreciate the value of learning. My work ethic improved, and as I built my career, several individuals took me under their wing, giving me new insight into leadership. I earned this reward by working hard to contribute to the success of my superiors and teammates. Through the Law of Reciprocity, I gained more experiences and benefits.

My profession, however, has not run a straight and narrow course. I have taken many twists and turns along the way. Different companies and a wide range of varied roles and positions define my career - as do many business ventures peppered in along the way. Today, I am also a writer and inventor.

I have lived in the U.K. and in Mexico and across the U.S. I am very fortunate to grow and experience the seasons of life with a loving and united family. Together, we look forward to riding the waves of existence and potentiality affecting new paradigm changes, as washers. I am the most thankful to my wife Sarah, our children Molly, Hannah, Shaun, for the laughter the bonds, the work ethic, the passion and the opportunity to help each other make a difference in the world

It is my desire that you will find in this fictional story (in which many of the experiences and success formulas are real) a spark will ignite your passion to excel, contribute and succeed.

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